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Your healthcare plan is easily eating away

                         at over $15,000 a year from your pocket.

                                      THERE IS

                             A SOLUTION.

             Join thousands in our community
              as a United Refuah HealthShare
           member for affordable monthly plans,                        Affordable Monthly Plans:
             confidential healthcare guidance,
            and the freedom to use the doctor or
             hospital of your choice worldwide.                              Single: $219/mo

                                                                            Couple: $349/mo

                                                                            Family: $519/mo

                      Team members are                                      (3-6 members) $50 for each
                    standing by to answer                                   additional family member  healthsharing plan.
                     any questions about
                      joining a low-cost

                                    Sign up today for affordable healthcare at

               United Refuah HealthShare is not an insurance company and does not offer insurance. It is a non-profit healthcare sharing
            organization that enables our community to share medical expenses with one another, all based on Torah-true principles and values.
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