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         Now is the time to Join the Thousands of Raving Participants

                                                                 A WHOLE NEW INSIGHT!


        MARRIAGE                                                                   by MRS.

        WORKSHOP                                                                   SHAINDY


                THAT WORKS!                                                        via teleconference

        Addressing the needs of our times                                          with Q&A

                                                                            Whether you desperately want to
                                                                      improve your marriage or already have
                                                                          a blissful marriage, this workshop is
                                                                                    designed for every married
    Starting       6 sessions via                                                        woman in every stage.

       Again!      Teleconference with Q&A

                      Beginning on Wednesday, June 24, '20                                s         Join
                         Revealing the Deep, Practical Hashkofic Secrets of Marital Happiness
                            Sessions 4 and 6 will be followed by                                    Now!
                                live interactive Q&A at 1:00 pm NY time                        The most incredible

             Hear                      Playbacks available until Jan. 1, 21                         Kallah
                                           Playbacks are available in Yiddish
        enthusiastic                                                                             Workshop
          feedback               Two additional sessions are available
       from previous                                                                            preparing Kallahs
       participants on               for past participants with live interactive Q&A on          in the dynamics
                                                                                                   of marriage
          prompt 4                         Mon, July 13 and Mon, July 20 at 1:00 pm NY time       In English and
       Ideal for Kallah                               Two sessions dealing with practical            Yiddish
          teachers &                                        application will be delivered with
                                                                             delivered with
          Marriage                                                   live interactive Q&A on
          Counselors       Endorsed                                               Wed, Aug. 26, and Wed, Sept. 2
              too!         by leading                                                                          at 1:00 pm NY time

               For more
           information,        646.585.3071                             E. Israel: 08 6312857
         registration &                                                 England: 44 3307772785
          to hear a free
             demo, call:       Beware: No other line is authorized to use Mrs. Shaindy Bilgrei's shiurim in any language
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